Thule Chariot CX 2

Thule Chariot CX 2
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Thule Chariot CX 2

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Description of Thule Chariot CX 2

Thule Chariot CX 2 ~ superior in comfort, style and technology for all your family needs. CX2, the elite performer, can be easily adapted for walking, running, bicycling, skiing or hiking with one of several add-on adapters Thule offers. Check out our complete line of Thule accessories.

Manufacturer Description

Thule Chariot CX 2 Bundled With Strolling Kit, Two Child(Burgundy/Blue)

The Thule Chariot CX 2 two child carrier is the elite entertainer in comfort, style, and innovation. The carrier comes totally loaded with amazing functions exclusive to the CX product line, such as an included walking kit, added optional multi-sport functionality, disc brakes, an ergonomic handlebar, and environment controlled cockpit, making CX 2 carrier the most elegant ride of any Thule carrier model.

Five Activities. 4 Seasons. One Carrier. Thule's multifunctional child providers offer parents and caretakers with an option of the best ways to keep or embark on an active way of life, and bring their children along. The chassis of Thule providers can be combined with a range of conversion sets, allowing for numerous outside activities including jogging, walking, bike trailer, treking, and cross-country skiing (sets in addition to the consisted of walking kit sold separately).
Strolling Kit Included

The 2014 release of the two-child CX 2 Sport Carrier includes the Thule Strolling Kit. Quickly put together, the kit is basic by design, consisting of 2 eight-inch simple turning caster style wheels. Its wheels include a 360-degree range of motion and connect immediately to the underside of the chassis' side oriented Versa Wing brackets, allowing for all weather condition walking.

Versatile VersaWing Brackets

The VersaWing bracket system makes sure that the adjustable functionality of the CX 2 is constantly fast and uncomplicated, no matter the kit used. Each CX 2 carrier consists of a set of 2 incorporated VersaWing brackets. Conversion kit arms slide horizontally into the brackets - vertically in the case of stroller wheels - and lock into place with the spring crammed ezClick push button mechanism. As an additional precaution, a security pin tethered near the end on the bracket slips through the bracket and the accessory to make sure a reliable hold. In addition, Click n' Store functionality permits the attachments of the Jogging and Bicycle Trailer conversion sets (sold separately)to be transported on the carrier frame even when they are not in use. Stroller wheels not in use can also be stored in the VersaWing brackets in an inverted position. This conveniently makes sure that the best degree of the CX 2 carrier's full functionality is offered to your family, no matter which kit accessory is in use.

Full-Featured Chassis For Your Child's Comfort In addition to its modular conversion kit functionality, the CX 2 chassis is boosted for your child's comfort and security with functions such as an anodized aluminum frame, weather condition resistant polyester external material, 20" spoked wheels with anodized centers, full window venting, a weather condition cover, a sunshade, tinted windows, padded seating, incorporated helmet area, a parking brake and adjustable suspension.

Key Features & Specifications
  • Ergonomic handlebar is ideal for jogging
  • Disc brakes increase braking control on high surface
  • Aerodynamic design enhances multi-sport capabilities
  • Accessory crossbar to mount devices
  • Adjustable suspension for a smooth and steady ride
  • Full side window venting for temperature control
  • Click n' Store for on-board storage of conversion sets
  • Removable padded seating for child comfort
  • Child capability: 1-2
  • Colors offered: Blue, Burgundy
  • Weight capability: 100 lb/ 45 kg
  • Weight: 33.7 lb/ 15.3 kg

Product Features

With a high performance rating, the Thule Chariot CX2 has an aerodynamic design which enhances multi-sport adaptability. Features an adjustable suspension for a smooth, comfortable ride and an ergonomic handlebar adjusts to the perfect heiight. Disc brakes increase braking control on steep terrain and full side window venting for improved temperature control. Accessory Cross Bar and Click n' Go system for on-board storage of conversion kits.

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The Specs and Dimensions can be found here. And the CX 2 Manual can be found here.


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