Thule Chariot Chinook 2

Thule Chariot Chinook 2
Thule Chariot Chinook 2 Thule Chariot Chinook 2 Thule Chariot Chinook 2 Thule Chariot Chinook 2 (click images to enlarge)

Thule Chariot Chinook 2

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Description of Thule Chariot Chinook 2

The Chinook 2 is one of the most versatile all-around Chariots for a growing family. It comes fully loaded with extra features to make it the first choice of parents for all of their urban adventures. The Chinook 2 ships with a front swivel wheel for everyday strolling or shopping. The front wheel can be quickly locked in place for those jogging outings with your child. Additional attachment kits are available for other sporting activities like biking, hiking or skiing. Also features the 1st Year of Life accessories package which includes an infant car seat adapter, a cargo bag, and extra head support.

Manufacturer Description

Thule Chariot Chinook 2 (Aqua/Black ) With First Year Of Life Accessories

The Thule Chariot Chinook 2 is the very first provider in Thule's Chariot Urban Series. The provider is uniquely equipped with incorporated dual walking and running performance, permitting diverse metropolitan experiences right out of the box. Secret features include up to two child capacity, integrated walking and running performance, a pivoting and locking front wheel, extra multi-sport performance (sold individually), the Chinook 'First Year Of Life' accessory pack, one-hand simple chassis folding, a reclining seat, an integrated accessory cross bar, and an adjustable handlebar.

Five Activities. Four Seasons. One Carrier. Like all Thule Chariot kid providers, the Chinook makes use of a modular activity set system, which provides parents and caretakers with a choice of how to keep or embark on an active lifestyle, and bring their children along. The chassis of Thule carriers can be combined with a range of conversion packages, permitting several outside activities including running, walking, bike trailer, trekking, and cross-country snowboarding (packages sold individually - walking and running performance is constructed into the Chinook model).
Stroll Or Jog With The Pivoting And Locking Front Wheel

The Chinook's unique, integrated pivoting and locking front wheel permits users to utilize the provider out of the box for both walking and running. For stroller performance, the wheel is raised into position from its folded back against the bottom of the provider. Releasing it, lifting it up level with the frame tube, and clicking it into location makes it the front, third wheel in the provider's stroller configuration. The support structure of the wheel jobs a little forward from the provider frame, and the wheel axle a little from its forks. In stroller mode the wheel is complimentary to spin 360 degrees, supplying standard stroller mobility. To transition to running stroller mode, the wheel turns up until it predicts forward, and locks into a select location. The forward and a little downward direction of the wheel provides stability throughout running sessions.

Chinook' First Year Of Life'Accessories

One of the most essential features of the Chinook for young families is its ability to be used from the day the kid is born. This is made possible through the security and benefit features offered solely in the Chinook '1st Year of Life' accessories included with your Chinook provider. These include the Infant Car Seat Adapter, which permits car seat attachment to the accessory crossbar, with children dealing with back to parents; a detachable freight bag for usage away from the provider; and the Chinook Baby Supporter, developed for the safe usage of the interior of the provider with young children who are developing muscle control.

 New Wings For Connecting Kits The Chinook features brand-new side oriented wing structures for linking conversion packages. They have a more structured look, however still have all the very same easy-to-use slide and lock performance as other Thule Chariot kid providers. Integrated into the wings are mechanics preventing a bicycle trailer set hitch arm from entering the wing when a car seat is put on the provider. Safety is Thule's primary issue.

Key Carrier Features
  • Pivoting/Locking front wheel to easily transition from walking to running
  • Front wheel folds away or is removable for cycling
  • First year of life accessories included baby car seat adapter, freight bag, and head support
  • One-handed fold for ease of usage
  • Reclining seat for kid comfort
  • Adjustable suspension for a smooth and stable ride
  • Complete side window venting for temperature control
  • Device crossbar to install accessories
  • Click n' Store for on board storage of conversion packages
  • Child capacity: 1-2
  • Weight capacity: 100 lb/ 45 kg
  • Weight: 39 lb/ 17.7 kg
  • Colors offered: Aqua, Black

Product Features

The Thule Chariot Chinook 2 is a sleek, aerodynamic two-child carrier with an adjustable suspension for a smooth and stable ride. Pivoting/Locking front wheel for easy transition from strolling to jogging. Front wheel folds away or is removable for cycling. Also features 1st year of life accessories included infant car seat adapter, cargo bag, head support. Reclining seat for child comfort with full side window venting for temperature control. Simple one-hand fold for easy storage and transporting. Accessory Cross Bar for mounting accessories and Click n’ Store system for on-board storage of conversion kits,

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