Baby Jogger

Baby Jogger was founded by parents who designed strollers with their children in mind. In 1984 they solved the problem of parents no longer being able to jog with the invention of the jogging stroller. They are dedicated to making the lives of the parents easier by providing ingenious solutions to the everyday problems which parents face.

More and more active parents are gravitating to Baby Jogger Strollers to fulfill their their jogging needs. Baby Jogger says "Keep rolling!" And keep up your pace, excercising, walking around town, and just being you getting stuff done, with Baby Jogger!

The Summit X3 and the and Summit X3 Double are the Jogging Stroller models offered by Baby Jogger specifically designed for jogging. City Mini and City Elite Strollers are a combination of luxury and performance for navigating city terrains easier.

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