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About Mountain Buggy

Mountain Buggy Strollers delivers optimal performance to today’s parents who really want to get active on and off road. With a powerhouse line of products, they redefine functionality with ultimate, adaptable jogging strollers where sporting aesthetics meets high performance.

The list of Mountain Buggy Strollers is here.

Mountain Buggy ~ Unparalled Success!

The Revolution Age

At Mountain Buggy, their philosophy is not just about launching new products, it’s also about improving the product they already have with new innovative features. And they have achieved this goal successfully with new accessories, bundles and refined styling, all while staying true to Mountain Buggy’s trusted heritage of simplicity, durability, maneuverability and adaptability. carries the full line of Mountain Buggy Strollers, and makes it easy for you to find which is Mountain Buggy stroller is best for you.

Singles and Doubles

And of course, also carries both their single and double jogging strollers for infants and toddlers. Mountain Buggy uses the name “+One” to denote a double stroller and they offer the Freedrider stroller board as a unique alternative for an older second child.

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Mountain Buggy Strollers New Arrivals

Here are the most popular strollers of the Mountain lineup, with links to more detailed descriptions.

MB Mini Travel System

Where public transport is an everyday lifestyle and household space is limited, the MB Mini Travel System is the answer! Built on the Swift stroller’s award-winning design this stroller ships already bundled with Mountain Buggy Protect Infant Car Seat, latch base and car seat adapters. With puncture-proof aerotech tires, and a more compact fold, it is the lightest and slimmest urban travel system.

See the MB Mini Travel System Specs, Features, Dimensions, FAQ or order here for fast delivery.

MB Mini Travel System for Baby

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Swift with Carycot

Whether navigating the city or tackling an off-road adventure, the MB Swift is the all-terrain stroller to suit your any need and delivers with high-performance features. It can take on any surface, gliding effortlessly on 10” air-filled rear tires and a lock back or swivel front wheel. And the ultra-compact stand fold makes Swift the perfect stroller for active parents who want simplicity and convenience.

See the MB Swift Specs, Features, Dimensions, FAQ or order here for fast delivery.

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MB +One

MB Plus One Blue

From a newborn baby up to childhood years, to a newborn baby and a toddler, or two toddlers ~the MB +One grows with your family! From a single stroller to a double, the +One is the essential, all-terrain stroller for all of your family’s adventures, whether in the city or off the beaten path.

See the MB +One Specs, Features, Dimensions, FAQ or order here for fast delivery.

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Plus One on the Rocky Beach




MB TerrainMountain Buggy Terrain

The Mountain Buggy Terrain delivers the ultimate in high performance. This stroller is the powerhouse of the Mountain Buggy line of products, where sleek, sporting design meets precision steering and maximum control. It can tackle any terrain, gliding effortlessly on effortlessly on 16” air-filled rear tires and an improved shock absorbing suspension system.  All three tires include drum brakes, with hand operated control brake to control speed on inclines.

See the Mountain Buggy Terrain Specs, Features, Dimensions, FAQ or order here for fast delivery.

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MB Unirider Front

MB Unirider 2

The Unirider is unique in its approach to jogging. As well as providing hours of fun and exercise, it provides a sense of freedom for your toddler and helps to develop both balance and confidence. All that’s needed is one parent, one child and one wheel! Stand out from the crowd with Unirider!

See the Mountain Buggy Unirider Specs, Features, Dimensions, FAQ or order here for fast delivery.

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Protect Infant Car Seat

MB Mini Travel System Car Seat

Infant Seat Attachment and Accessories

The Protect Infant Car Seat is ideal for transporting your baby from car to buggy and back again. Protect™ is travel system ready and compatible with all Mountain Buggies or other stroller brands using our range of  car seat adaptors. Simply secure the included latch base and click the car seat in and out with ease. With high side protection, a removable cushion liner with energy-absorbing head and hip foam inserts, and a removable lumbar cushion. Friction strips on the adjustable 5 point safety harness offer enhanced performance in the event of a crash. A sun hood provides privacy and protection for baby, and a rocker base allows you to rock baby outside of the car and off the buggy.

See all the Mountain Buggy accessories here.

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