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BOB 2016 Ironman Duallie

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Features of the Ironman Duallie!

The Ironman Duallie is rated as one of the best double Jogging Strollers. Whether you are going for a walk or jogging through busy city streets this stroller is for you. It can be taken over country dirt roads with ease and the bumps on a hiking trail will barely be felt by you or your children. This stroller is designed to excel during rugged jogging sessions.

The Ironman Duallie is built to last!


The Ironman Duallie is adaptable too. The padded handlebars have 9 different levels to accommodate any height. You can choose either swivel or fixed wheel on the front wheel for the smoothest ride on any terrain. There will always be a fluid ride thanks to the adjustable suspension system.

Running with BIB 2016 Ironman Jogging Stroller

Are You a Beach Jogger?

We highly recommend this stroller to all our beach jogging customers. Remember that not all strollers are designed for beach jogging and if you enjoy jogging with your child on the beach then this is the stroller for you.

More Accommodating Than Most

The seat adjusts to the most comfortable angle for your child. Infants can also ride along when used with the BOB B-Safe 35 Infant Seat. The storage area is an extra large storage system which can carry all of your jogging needs for you and your children.


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Can you describe the wheels for us?


Do the handlebars adjust?

Suspension System

What type of suspension system does it have?

Storing and Transporting

How can it be transported?

Travel System

Can this be used with the travel system?


Can you tell me about the tires?

Safety Features

Which safety features are included?

Seat Adjustment

Do the seats adjust easily?


Can you store cargo?


Is a canopy included?

Can you describe the wheels for us?
The front wheel is adjustable from fixed to swivel. This makes it convenient for running or on trails. Switch to swivel wheel when you’re out and about shopping in town. This will give you the best maneuverability. The tracking in the front wheel can be adjusted for perfect alignment with a quick and simple turn of a knob.
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Do the handlebars adjust?
There are 9 different positions available for adjusting to. The Ironman Duallie is perfect for all heights.
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What type of suspension system does it have?
It’s an adaptable suspension system of two stages with 3 inches of travel and weight support for the smoothest ride. This will allow you to tailor to any route or terrain you are taking with your children.
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How can it be transported?
Transporting and storage is very convenient with a simple 2-step procedure. You can even remove the wheels without any tools for a more compact fold.
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Can it be used with the travel system?
The Ironman Duallie is your ideal choice for pairing with a BOB infant car seat adapter and the BOB B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat. Take a look at our accessory section and bundle packages for the best deals.
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Can you tell me about the tires?
The tires are air-filled and mounted on high-impact polymer wheels. They and are perfect for on- or off-road jogging.
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Which safety features are included?
The seats have a breathable ventilation system and are constructed with ultra padding and 5-point safety harnesses. There is a protective wrist strap to attach during your run and a foot-activated parking brake.
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Do the seats adjust easily?
With just one squeeze of a button you can adjust either seat from upright to recline seating.
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Can you store Cargo?
Yes, there is plenty of room to store cargo in the oversized cargo basket or in the integrated pockets. Perfect for all of your jogging needs.
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Is a canopy included?
There are two canopies with large viewing windows. And they are rated UPF 50+ to help protect your children from the elements.
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BOB Ironman Duallie Manual

Ironman Duallie

  • Jogging Stroller Weight  is 34lb (15.3kg)
  • The allowed weight and age is 100lbs (45.4kg) including all backage. If you have the Infant car seat adapter and the car seat you are able to use this for your infant too. There is a maximum occupant height of 44 inches (112cm). Do not exceed these requirements as the stroller can become unstable.
  • High strength aluminum alloy frame.
  • The seat is constructed  of  weave fabrics that has a water repellent coating, and includes a foam padding.
  • The seat can be cared for by cleaning with a sponge, warm water and a mild soap. Do not use any detergent or cleaner.
  • Reclinable seat The seat can go from upright down to a 70 degree angle with a simple touch of a button.
  • Suspension system has a elastomer and coil spring core shock absorbers which provide three inches of wheel travel. There are adjustable shock release knobs with two shock positions so the suspension can be fine tuned when carrying cargo and occupants.
  • Air pneumatic tires with inner tube and schrader valve. They are semi slick tires and are 16″x1.5″
  • Both rear wheel and front wheel hubs have a thru axle design that enhances security. The quick release lever installation makes removal simple and there are no tools needed.  For durability there are sealed cartridge bearings. There is very little maintenance needed.
  • Wheels rims and spokes are constructed of a high impact polymer composite.
  • The padded handlebar gives you the ability to select from a range of 9 positions. There is also a 180 degree range of motion.
  • Cargo can be stored in two interior seat pockets. There is one large pocket in back of the seat and beneath the seat is an extra large basket.

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BOB Strollers Ironman Dimensions 1

A – Handle Bar Height: 34 – 51 in (86.4 – 129.5 cm)

BOB Revolution Pro Duallie Dimensions Width

B – Overall Width: 

19.5 in (49.5 cm)30.6 in (77.7 cm)

C – Interior Seat Width: 12.5 in per seat (31.8 cm per seat)

Ironman Duallie Fold Wheels

D – Folded Length, wheels on: 41.5 in (105.4 cm)

E – Folded Height, wheels on: 19.5 in (49.5 cm)

Ironman Duallie Fold No Wheels

F – Folded Length, wheels off: 35 in (88.9 cm)

G – Folded Height, wheels off: 13.5 in (41.4 cm)

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BOB 2016 Ironman Duallie

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