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Baby Jogger: Inventor of The Jogging Stroller

Innovator of Modern Stroller Features Years Ago

You are going to find that your job as a parent is made easier because of the innovations invented by Baby Jogger. For this reasons, we at are very happy to be carrying Baby Jogger Strollers.

At any time you can go right to their strollers which are designed for jogging and running: The Summit X3 stroller by Baby Jogger, and The Summit X3 Double.

You can also download their manuals by following this link. We also provide you quick links to ordering your Baby Jogger jogging stroller. And to click on other brands to see other fitness stroller selections.

Baby Jogger 3 wheel swivel jogging stroller

Toddler entertaining infant in Baby Jogger jogging stroller

They Know What a Parent Needs

Baby Jogger knows how to make your life easier because it is a company founded by parents.

In 1984, they invented the first jogging stroller. Their strollers are designed with the parents in mind over 30 years ago.

They Know That Your Time is Precious

They realized that parents needed a solution for taking care of their children, yet having time to exercise.

And as simple as that, the first Baby Jogger Jogging Stroller was invented. Through the years, Baby Jogger has pioneered many models and variations using their own children, as inspiration.

They Do More Than Just Jog

Baby Jogger designs strollers for jogging and other purposes. Baby Jogger’s models focus on ease of use and flexibility of purpose. And they have innovated many feature such as one-handed folding. They also feature seats that recline. They innovated the adapting of a stroller into a car seat/stroller travel system.

Striving to Be The Best, Because You’d Like To, Also

These days there are many jogging strollers to choose from. Baby Jogger also realizes that style is a consideration. All Baby Jogger models are strong on safety, comfort, practicality, and yes… Baby Jogger Jogging Strollers are very high on style!

High on Style, The City Mini Gt is Even More Than That!

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT tops our list of the best Baby Jogger strollers because it its thick wheels and suspension give the nicest ride. But this is a 4 wheel stroller for traditional strolling usage only.

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 Baby Jogger Summit X3 jogging stroller, adjustable jogging stroller

Jogger Running with Baby Jogger Summit X3 jogging stroller

The Baby Jogger Summit X3

The X3 Is Built For Speed and Safety

The Baby Jogger Summit X3 is an actual jogging stroller, and a sturdy one at that.  has all of the accessories you may require for the Summit X3 and Mini GT, such as trays, cup holders and more.

Easy to Pick Up, Carry and Fold

The Baby Jogger Summit x3 features a folding design. This makes it very easy to pick up, carry around, or store in a car.

Front Wheel Can Swivel or Lock into Place

The front wheel can also be locked or set to swivel. And its sporty design, looks very high end, even though it is in middle of prices between low and high.


The Baby Jogger Summit X3 features handbrakes, and a third wheel that locks into a fixed wheel position for serious running, or a swivel position for easy city street and shopping mall navigation. The Summit X3 also comes in a dual model.

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The Summit X3 Double For a Party of 2 + You

For those who need a Baby Jogger double jogging stroller. The Summit X3 Double provides a side by side experience with the same features as the single. You get two very deep handle bar bags instead of one, so you can store a lot when you are on the go. That means extra water and snacks for everyone, so you can stay out longer.

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Shopping Can Be A Breeze

Baby Jogger City Select is a 4 wheel stroller. That is good for getting around crowded sidewalks and shopping malls. It is not a traditional jogging stroller, even though the brand is called Baby Jogger.

Do not get this model if you are looking for a true jogging stroller. The BOB Revolution Flex has outperformed this model in tests as a running stroller.

Jogging Stroller with 4 Wheels?? No.

Baby Jogger City Mini is a 4 wheel stroller, not for jogging. it may be suitable for brisk walking at best. The difference is that the front 2 wheels are very close together. This stroller does get a best value award for the low price that it is being offered at.

 Toddler and infant double stroller

Safety first with Baby Jogger double jogging stroller Toddler and infant double stroller

Some people say that Thule outranks Baby Jogger as a running stroller, however you will find that Baby Jogger’s weight and portability in carrying and storing, is what makes you fall in love with it.

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Safety First, Fun Second

Safety is the first criteria to give careful consideration. has spent the time needed to research the safest jogging strollers so you can make you decision more easily.

Become Thoroughly Educated Quickly, Right Here looked at the opinions and ratings from the internet’s top joggin stroller review sites. This includes Baby Gear Lab,  The Sweethome, CNET and Good Housekeeping. Then we went to our partner Amazon, and looked at all of the Amazon user reviews, in order to get the full picture.

We Listened to You, The Users knows that consumers look for different features in a stroller, so we ranked these users comments based on a variety of qualities, including how easy it is to use, what it weighs, additional accessories and add ons, and most importantly, safety.

Here is what we used to determine our rankings and scoring of the jogging strollers:

The Big Picture

In putting together an overall score, we looked at the overall satisfaction level of the user and reviewers throughout thirteen categories of jogging strollers including how easy it is to use, how it maneuvers, add on options, durability, and safety features.

Navigating Busy City Streets and Parks!

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Best Value For Your Money?

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We looked at each strollers’ functionality, measuring the comfort of the child or baby, and the features of the strollers designed to make the parent’s job easier. We also took into account the level of quietness and noise during operation, and the level of smoothness in the ride.

Ease of Use

When we measured the ease of use, we took in to account how easy it was to fold the stroller up.

We took into account how easy it was to get the baby in and out of the stroller. And we took into account how easy it was to steer the stroller in all types of situations.

We also measured the size and weight of the stroller. This gave us a better judgment of how easy it is to carry the stroller, to store it, and to remove it from storing.

light weight jogging stroller

Foldable jogging stroller, baby jogger

Can’t Go Wrong with These Top Picks

Here is what we came up with as Baby Jogger’s Top Strollers.

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT is at the top of the list, featuring all terrain wheels, adjustable seat, and a UV 50+ sunshade. The wheels make it easy to use this stroller anywhere in a city, park, or on other slightly rocky or grassy terrain. This is a walking stroller, not a running stroller.

The Mini Gt weighs 18 pounds, which is considered light weight in the stroller world, and it’s emphasis in design is to make it easier for the mom or dad to lift and carry the stroller, when not pushing it. It offers a very easy way to fold and carry when walking with the child is over.

See our selection of the best Jogging Strollers.

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Other Fine Baby Jogger Non-Jogging Strollers

The Baby Jogger City Select

The Baby Jogger City Select is a 4 wheel stroller that can convert from a single baby stroller, to a two child stroller. This item has a multi-position seat that can fit a car seat or bassinet, if you have an infant. But it is adaptable for older babies and young children of stroller age, as well.

If you need an adapter for a third child, this stroller adapts and is designed to fit through most doorways. You should be aware though that these features must be purchased separately from the basic stroller.

No More Complaining or Need to Compromise

Another plus about the Baby Jogger City Select is that the seats may be adjusted independently of each other. Experienced parents of more than one child, will certainly understand how important this is, as their babies started getting bigger.

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Manufacturer’s Website

Please see the Baby Jogger Manufacturer’s website for more information.


Follow these links to download the manuals for the Baby Jogger Jogging Strollers:

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REMEMBER: The only REAL Baby Jogger Jogging Strollers (made for actual jogging) are the Summit X3 Single and Double. Click the model you need to get it now.

To order the City Select MiniGT, use the search bar at the top of this page.

See all of the other high quality jogging stroller brands that we recommend.

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