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Strolling Sense: SAFETY FIRST, Fun and Style… a close Second! gives you the full picture. We show you the highest quality selection, up and down the price spectrum on fixed wheel and swivel wheel jogging strollers. And we make it easy to pick the perfect one whether your needs are for an economical jogging stroller, or you wish to purchase the safest high end jogging strollers.

You’ll also find jogging stroller accessories, such as weather shields and even ski and bicycle adapter attachments.

And speaking of safety, we publish links to government regulations and guidance about jogging strollers recalls and problems, as well as exercise and diet tips by top authorities. You may easily access the top of that page here.

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We know that if you look through our store, articles, and video blogs, you are are going to find the right one that you love. And in our store we feature the most reviews you will find on the internet because we have partnered with Amazon to give you the best choice and best dependability.

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Teach Your Children Well

You will be teaching your child about persistence and consistency, plus both of you will be getting all the fresh air you need for a happy healthy life. This page acts as a primer to get you acquainted with the ins and outs so you can easily make the best choice possible.

Your Primer on Jogging Strollers

They are normally 3 wheel strollers that have the safety features, maneuverability, and comfort features to accommodate running, jogging, and hiking with your child. The wheels are usually larger for a smoother ride, and for better ease of navigation in turning. Additionally, the size of the wheels and the amount of wheels, being 3, make it easier to take with you on hiking trails too.


Different Features

You must choose from the different features that specialize in being better for different terrains. For example, there are is all terrain, which is better for mountain trails. And there are strollers designed for city and suburban jogging. There are also models which are easily adaptable to be attached to bicycles and to be used in cross country skiing.

Three Wheel Strollers vs. 4 Wheel Strollers

There is not much that a three wheel stroller can’t do, that a 4 wheel stroller can do. In fact, a good quality 3 wheel stroller will fit all your needs that any 4 wheeler could attempt to provide.

Jogging Strollers are 3 wheel strollers. Baby Jogger does make many 4 wheel models, but the real jogging strollers are 3 wheelers. Baby Jogger invented the concept of the stroller which was made for jogging, back in the early 1980’s. Since that time Baby Jogger does make 3 and 4 wheel models.

Chariot Strollers

Chariot models have 4 wheels, but most people will select a Chariot for its versatility as a bicycle trailer or for cross country skiing. The Chariots are heavier, and some people can not use a Chariot for jogging.

But in general, it is a three wheel stroller that you will want for jogging, walking, and hiking trails. For biking and skiing options, consider chariot models. Thule is known for being the very top manufacturer of Chariot Strollers and buggies.

Thule Top Models

Thule Urban Glide features a swivel wheel and the Thule Glide features a fixed wheel.

Thule also has chariot jogger models. Most Thule Chariots come with a strolling setup, which means that it has 4 wheels. Most people will buy the jogging adapter, which makes it a 3 wheeler. A chariot bike trailer adapter kit is needed for bicycling. And the hiking adapter is highly recommended for mountain trail hiking.

The even have a cross country ski-adapter. The Thule Chariot Cougar and Thule Chariot 2 are two models you will want to check out if considering a chariot stroller for those purposes. But remember that there are more traditional Thule Jogging Strollers and double running strollers with the standard 3 wheels.

Chariot Jogging Strollers

Chariots feature an adaptability for biking and sometimes for cross country skiing. They are generally heavier though, and some models be difficult to jog with because of the weight.

Fixed Wheel strollers v. Swivel Wheel Strollers

Safety and Comfort

There are manufacturers who have designed a fixed 3rd wheel strollers. You will find both of these third wheel types are highly maneuverable. The swivel wheel is preferred in city areas, which are busier and require tighter turns.

A fixed wheel will be easier to deal with in other situations, such as hiking trails,and for running at high speeds, such as on a track.

Certain models such as the Baby Jogger Summit X3 feature a swivel wheel that can lock into a fixed wheel setting.

Some exercise novices do not care which they opt for. But if you are concerned with making the very best choice, then consider the following list in the next section: Highest Quality Brands. (scroll to continue.)


Highest Quality Jogging Stroller Brands

These brands are considered to be the top and very high quality: BOB Strollers, Thule, Mountain Buggy, Schwinn, Baby Jogger, Bumbleride, Graco and Baby Trend.

BOB Top Models include the Revolution Flex, which features the swivel wheel, the BOB Ironman features a fixed wheel, and the BOB Sports Utility also features a fixed wheel. There are many models by BOB Jogging Stroller.

If you have 2 young children, there is a BOB Duallie Stroller, which is as the name implies, a double stroller.


If you are looking for cheap jogging strollers, BOB may not be the one for you. But if you’re looking for a high quality running stroller, then read the many BOB stroller reviews on our site. BOB was recently bought by Brittax, so you may find some BOB jogging strollers under the Brittax heading now, too.

Through an adapter which usually comes with the models you can convert your BOB or other model to an infant jogging stroller. Generally 4 months is the minimum age for a baby to be in a jogging stroller ~ but please see all manufacturers specifications for age minimum of all models. Link to our BOB page with all the models here.


Baby Jogger Top Models

The Baby Jogger Summit X3 comes in single and double versions for infant and toddlers.

Baby Jogger Double jogging strollers

Most stroller makers make double jogging strollers. Check out the Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double here.


For the complete line of Bumbleride jogging strollers that we carry, please click here.


Mountain Buggy

For the complete line of Mountain Buggy Jogging Strollers that we carry, click here.



Click here to see the complete line of Schwinn double jogging strollers that we carry.

Baby Trend

We carry a full line of Baby Trend jogging strollers. Click here to see them.

Chariot Jogging Strollers


If you’re looking for Thule, you came to the right place. Thule is the #1 maker of Chariot Strollers.

Double Jogging Strollers

Most double jogging strollers for infant and toddler have seat attachments or adapters to accommodate the sizes of your children.

Triple Jogging Strollers

Triple Jogging strollers come in two different configurations. There is the side by side version, which is obviously very wide. There is also a triple jogging stroller with one seat in front of the other. Bebe Love and Run About are two brands that specialize in these.

Stroller Accessories has a full line of accessories for jogging strollers, too. You may wish to accessorize with weather shields and sun-shields. There are also a variety of pouches and holders which can be added on. And for people who wish to convert their chariot jogging strollers for bicycling and skiing, has those kits.

If you read further on this site or visit our store, you will find the exact jogging stroller that you need and you can complete the task of getting your jogging stroller right now, today ~ and be enjoying it within a matter of days.


Car Seat Jogging Stroller Combo

A car seat stroller travel system may be what you are looking for. But most of these travel systems are for 4 wheel strollers. 3 wheel jogging strollers are generally made for safety in jogging. A travel system is designed to primarily take a sleeping baby from the car into a stroller without disturbing him or her. Jogging, on the other hand, will probably wake the baby up anyway. So weigh your options.

Our Shipper Has Virtually The Most Experience on the Internet

Remember that Amazon ships all of our products, so you will have the most safest, reliable people fulfilling your order, so you can receive it right away with absolutely no problems.

A Baby Stroller and Travel System That Matches Your Lifestyle

You may require a 4 wheel travel system stroller for some situations, and a stand alone 3 wheeler for other situations.

Mesh Pockets and More Options

Other options in all of the 3 wheel strollers include pockets in the back of the seat, mesh pockets on each side, and the ability to attach accessories to raise the overall comfort level for both the baby and the jogger. See all brands and their options.

Top 10 Reasons Why Jogging Strollers are the Secret Ingredient For Happiness

  1. Get to do more outdoors activities with your family!
  2. Family won’t feel you are abandoning them by exercising alone!
  3. Build good principles and discipline with children at early age!
  4. Feeling better about yourself!
  5. You, and not a babysitter, spends time with the kids!
  6. Exercise makes you feel happy once you start getting into shape!
  7. Meet other families and make friends in parks and jogging paths!
  8. Have more together time!
  9. Get children interested in fitness at an early age!
  10. No more complaining that you are fat!!


10 Ways Jogging Strollers Can Find You The Love of Your Life

Of course these are for single parents only!

  1. You will get in great athletic shape to be more attractive
  2. You will be more fit and have more energy to get around and do things.
  3. You will be out and about in parks and places looking good.
  4. Other single parents will see you while you are both working out with your strollers.
  5. You’ll save money on babysitters and other entertainment so you can buy new clothes, or get a makeover.
  6. People will be attracted to you because you seem smart and energetic.
  7. You’ll look better than 99% of the other single parents who don’t jog.
  8. Your children will look happy with the fresh air, so other people will like them more too.
  9. The exercise will keep you sharper so you can spot the good ones, and walk past the others.
  10. 2 words: Gluteus Maximus!

To see more interesting articles, reviews, and lists, see our Reviews and Articles page.

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