Best Baby Jogger Jogging Strollers

What are the Best Baby Joggers?


Baby Jogger Jogging Strollers models focus on ease of use and flexibility of purpose. They have innovated many features such as one-handed folding and seats that recline. And you may choose Baby Jogger because of the feature of adapting into a car seat/stroller travel system. has spent the time needed to research the safest jogging strollers so you can make your decision more easily. Safety is the first criteria to give careful consideration.

Baby Jogger designs strollers for jogging and other purposes.

The City Mini GT 

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT tops our list of the best Baby Jogger strollers because it its thick wheels and suspension give the nicest ride. But this is a 4 wheel stroller for more traditional stroller usage.

The Summit X3

The Baby Jogger Summit X3 is an actual jogging stroller, and a sturdy one at that. has all of the accessories you may require for the Summit X3 and Mini GT, such as trays, cup holders and more.

Baby Jogger Dual looked at the opinions and ratings from the internet’s top jogging stroller review sites. This includes Baby Gear Lab,  The Sweethome, CNET and Good Housekeeping. Then we went to our partner Amazon, and looked at all of the Amazon user reviews, in order to get the full picture.

We recognize that consumers look for different qualities in strollers, so we scored these user observations based on a handful of different features, including ease of use, weight, safety, accessories and more.

Our final stroller scores run from a low of 1 to a high of 10. Here’s how we came up with the numbers:


Overall score: This score is indicative of reviewers’ overall satisfaction level with the stroller as a whole across 13 criteria, including ease of use, maneuverability, accessories and durability.

Functionality: This score is indicative of reviewers’ satisfaction with the stroller’s level of functionality, in particular how it relates to the baby. Categories that factor into this score include comfort, safety features and noise level.

Ease of use: This score is indicative of reviewers’ satisfaction with how easy it is to use the stroller. Categories that factor into this score include ability to fold the stroller, weight of the stroller and maneuverability.

These are our top Baby Jogger stroller picks, ranked in order of overall score.

All-terrain wheels, an adjustable seat and a UV 50+ sunshade contribute to a comfortable ride in the Baby Jogger City Mini GT, whether on concrete or grass.

The Baby Jogger Summit X3 has convenient hand-activated brakes and a front wheel lock located on the handlebar, allowing active parents to maintain control when switching between walking and jogging.

At less than 18 pounds, the lightweight Baby Jogger City Mini is designed to make transport less of a hassle for busy folks. This standard stroller is simple to fold and maneuver using one hand.

Can You Afford Non-Adaptability?

The Baby Jogger City Select can adapt to meet parents’ needs as their child (or family) grows. The stroller features a multiposition seat and can fit a bassinet or car seat for infants. Add a second seat to convert it to a double and a glider board to accommodate a third child. Note that the accessories must be purchased separately.

Independently adjustable seats and canopies help keep both of your children comfortable and protected. Although it’s a double stroller, it’s designed to fit through most doorways and can fold compactly.

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What are the Best Baby Joggers?